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Dermalogica Facials

A Skin care researched by The International Dermal institute

Dermalogica Facials

At Revival Beauty Spa, we use Dermalogica as our main product , along with  Bio_Therapeutic and Clinical Skincare , when treating and maintaining our client’s skin .  Dermalogica products contain no mineral or lanolin oils, ingredients are naturally sourced and there is no perfumes and colours which is very damaging to the skin and are found in most supermarket brands. All facials include a skin analysis at the beginning so each client is treated individually to suit their concerns.

All treatments start with Face Mapping to identify each condition and treat each part of their face accordingly. The beauty therapists are here to advise you on the best possible course of treatments to get your skin looking and working at its best.

This specialised eye treatment is designed to treat dark circles and puffiness. Using a rice-based exfoliant to help brighten the skin around the eye, followed by a mini lymph drainage massage and finishing with a ultra calming and hydrating masque.

Your feet will be cleansed, exfoliated with a peppermint sugar scrub, and finished with hydrating Aloe Vera cream foot massage

Begin your skin treatment with a relaxing pick me up neck and shoulder massage using sweet almond oil mixed with aromatherapy oils.

Using Regen Pro machine with Radio Frequency to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production, giving lifting and firming effect.

LED Light Therapy

Our non-invasive LED light therapy works at a cellular level (especially great to fight active acne and rosacea). The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep into cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow, and creates faster healing so your skin always looks rejuvenated.

Many benefits include: Improves skin tone and texture, renews skin , cleans and tightens coarse pores and loose skin, brightens and renews conplexions, targets skin tone correction and address skin clearing.


Our Bio-Hydroderm Trinity machine is the next generation of microdermabration technology. It delivers thorough exfoliation adjusted to clients skin condition and type, create a more youthful appearance. It rejuvenates and hydrates dehydrated skin and  promotes skin clearing.

Express Facial (All Skin Types)

This perfect facial for those who are time-restricted. Give your skin a refreshing boost. Double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, masque, and finish with a day cream that is suitable to your skin type

Signature Facial (All Skin Types)

Our Core Skin Treatments are fully inclusive to deliver your skin best health, & involve a combination of professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (as needed) ,massage, masque & skin protection.

Additional products may be added to target the individual needs of the skin.

Rejuvenation treatment (Mature Skin Type)

Are the signs of ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth & nourish, regenerate & energize while controlling the bio chemical triggers that lead to skin ageing. LED Light Therapy,  Microdermabration , and other machines can be incorporated to maximize the result.

Purifying treatment (Oily Skin/Acne)

This powerful treatment jump-starts consistently clear, healthy skin & helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment. We’ll focus on deep cleansing, purification & extractions to help clear current breakouts along with a soothing mask system that will detoxify the skin & soothe redness.

Oil-free hydration & solar defence will leave the skin hydrated & control excess surface oil while keeping the skin protected.

Calming treatment (Sensitive Skin)

Is your skin looking red & inflamed or feeling itchy? Settle in for a super smoothing treatment that includes gentle cleansing, a calming mask & therapies that help instantly calm redness & reduce inflammation.

Active Resurface Treatment

A resurfacing facial treatment ideal for hyperpigmentation, removal of age spots and smoothing & firming the face and neck. Boost, brighten and restore skins natural defences with major stimulation of cell renewal. Even better results are achieved with a series of three treatments (once a week for three weeks) for only $199

Teen Solutions

This facial is designed to treat teenage breakouts while also improve overall skin condition. Double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction, masque and finish with a day cream that is suitable to teen skin type.

Skin Needling Treatment

The gold standard of professional micro-needling! Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, scars, & stretch marks with eDermastamp® Collagen Induction Therapy, licensed by Health Canada.

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